Domain Name Details

Available Options

  •, or
    • $39.95 biannually
    • Two Years Only
    • Must have an ABN
  •, .net or .org
    • $XX.XX per year
    • Up to 10 Years

Mail Boxes

  • Lite plans have up to 5 mailboxes included
  • Corporate plans have up to 20 mailboxes
  • Mail boxes can be added in blocks of 5, for $20 pa
  • Spam filters are available for $5 per month per mailbox
  • Unlimited aliases available
  • Mail enable standard edition web mail available

Website Enabled

  • Website spaces are available

Dynamic Languages Enabled

  • Server side languages are supported
    • php
    • perl
    • ASP
  • Supports all languages used for dynamic websites and Content Management Systems Enabled

Along with other server side languages, is also supported on our servers

Simple Database enabled

Simple Database are ideal for

  • Content Management Systems
    • Wordpress
    • Joomla
    • Composite
    • Drupal
    • Orchard
    • Redmine
  • Off and onsite Data driven programs

Microsoft SQL server enabled

The Microsoft SQL server plan includes the MS SQL server liscensing and hosting

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